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Dog and Cat Grooming services

Cindy Ernst is the exclusive groomer of the North Laurel Animal Hospital and is available by appointment five days per week. Cindy is well versed in grooming all breeds and will accommodate any specific requests you may have. Lisa Gibson, our experienced veterinary technician, will accomodate all feline grooming requests.

Grooming Services

  • Grooming of all dog breeds available.
  • Spa Treatments (additional $10)
  • Scissor Cuts & Fluff Drying
  • Blueberry & Vanilla Facial Scrub ($5)
  • Vanilla and Milk Thistle Bubble Bath Paw Treatment ($5)
  • Nail Trimming & Filing
  • Anal Gland Expression
  • Ear Cleaning & Plucking
  • Light trim up for between haircuts which includes face, feet & sanitary trim
    (Great for puppies to get them started slowly).

Frequent Groomer Discount

Cindy offers a $5 discount off your pet's total groom when scheduled into a six week routine. Such routines keep your pet's skin and coat healthier and take less time to groom.  It is easier on your pet and helps keep them maintained throughout the year!  A clean pet is a happy pet!

The Spa Treatment

Pamper your pooch with the Spa Treatment which includes our luxurious line of all natural products. The Spa Treatment’s shampoos are made with the finest botanicals and plant extracts for a therapeutic grooming experience. There are two types available to choose from:

  • The Oatmeal Lavender Treatment for a soothing affect on your pet’s irritated skin and a stress relieving lavender aroma.
  • The Pink Grapefruit Treatment with ginger root will help clarify skin and restore the coat to its natural shiny condition.
  • The Vanilla & White Tea Treatment has purifying and revitalizing properties that help improve circulation with a refreshing and calming aromatic fragrance.
  • Bubble Bath Paw Treatment is a combination of vanilla and milk thistle with vitamin enriched bath oils that provide relief from hot summer surfaces (sidewalks/pavement, etc) and allergies.
  • Fresh Facial Scrub is a refreshing blend of vanilla and blueberry, a concentrated but mild facial cleanser that soothes and balances. It has a natural hydrating exfoliant and removes dirt and tear stains without irritating the eyes.

Cat Grooming

Due to allergies, Cindy is unable to groom cats. Cat grooms are handled by our veterinary technician, Lisa Gibson.   Most cats become a little anxious during grooms and require sedation for which there may be extra charges. Cat grooms range in price from $35 to $75 and may be scheduled Monday through Friday.

Dogs Groomed By Cindy Ernst:

Before and After


Expertly Trimmed Pomeranian

Rat Terrier with Spa Package

A neatly groomed Schnauzer

Classically groomed Cocker Spaniel