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Advanced Imaging


We purchased the Sonoscape s6 portable ultrasound in December of 2009 in order to expand our service offerings and make us more of a "one stop shop" for all your veterinary services.

The Sonoscape s6 gives the doctors the ability to view organs in 3D while they are functioning versus 2D x-rays which are static images. The s6 is also equipped with color Doppler which allows the Doctors to view blood flow to particular organs or structures to evaluate their overall health or see if they have been compromised. We are also able to perform ultrasound guided needle biopsies of structures and organs.

Digital Radiography

DR delivers crystal clear images in a fraction of the time as conventional radiography while reducing exposure from harmful radiation by up to 90%. DR also allows the Doctors to enlarge and zoom the image to see structures in great detail whereas conventional radiography was simply an image on film without the ability to manipulate the image to evaluate in detail.

In an emergency situation, DR can produce an image in eight seconds versus up to 10 minutes for traditional x-ray film. Additionally, digital images can now be emailed to specialists for further evaluation and consultation with results delivered within hours.

Dental X-Ray

Dental radiography allows us to clearly view teeth and their roots and the structures surrounding them. This can reveal diseased teeth which appear healthy on the surface or damage to teeth that otherwise is not visible to the human eye.


Our veterinarians offer Video Otoscopy to assist in the diagnosis of difficult ear problems. Ear disease is present in approximately 30% of patients that present for dermatology problems and range from external and middle ear infections, ear mites, foreign bodies in the ear canal and ear canal/middle ear tumors. Most general practitioners have a hand-held otoscope which gives a limited view of the ear canal and eardrum. If an ear problem becomes recurrent, our specialists will use a video otoscope which allows deep examination and diagnostic sampling of the external and middle ear. It is specially designed to fit in the ear canal for ease of use. It allows for precise visual control so a myringotomy can be performed. In addition, it is designed for treatment of various conditions such as cleansing the ear with flushing and suctioning, curettage of excess debris, removal of foreign bodies, wax plugs and polyps, and biopsy of masses in the ear canal or middle ear


Digital rigid endoscope to view the structures of the sinus to determine different
diseases such as fungal disease, severe bacterial disease, polyps or malignancies.


Digital rigid scopes to be able to view the inside of the bladder to determine different types of diseases such as bladder polyps. bladder tumors or radiolucent bladder stones.