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Advanced Monitoring Systems


The DVMSolutions PC Vetgard+ is a Bluetooth enabled vital signs monitor designed for use during surgical procedures. It is capable of monitoring dynamic ECG, blood oxygen saturation, respiration and temperature information and transferring the information to any Windows based computer (configured for use with this device). The information is then displayed on a 32” wall mounted TV screen within our surgery suite for ultra clear imaging. The unit communicates wirelessly through Bluetooth technology and mounts to the side of the surgical table, eliminating the need for a cluttering surgery side table to house the unit.

Once the surgery has concluded, the information can be analyzed in chart format on the computer and saved to the patient file within our Cornerstone management software. This further eliminates the need for paper records within the hospital walls.

Additionally, we purchased the PC-Vet which is a Bluetooth enabled unit capable of monitoring ECG and temperature. These results are also displayed on a properly configured Windows based computer for analysis and storage in the patient file. This unit is geared towards pre-surgical screening and exam room diagnoses, not the surgery suite.

Typically, older ECG machines require uncomfortable clips be attached to the animal for proper reading. The results are then printed and pasted into the patient file. As you can imagine, this becomes uncomfortable for the pet and time consuming for the Technician. The PC-Vet is simply pressed against the pet’s ribcage and delivers an accurate, paperless ECG which can then be stored electronically in the patient file.

We tried out several different monitors and while we were happy with the performance of most of them, we were enamored from day one by the DVMSolutions unit. The line that sealed the deal was when a competing sales representative learned that we were interested in the DVMSolutions unit. His response was “oh boy, I can’t compete with that.” The rest is history. We welcome DVMSolutions and their products to our team!

VetSpecs VSM8

The VetSpecs VSM 8 is the latest in vital signs monitoring technology. It is used to monitor and display ECG, pulse, respiratory activity, systolic arterial pressure, diastolic arterial pressure, mean arterial pressure, pulse rate, core body temperature, respiratory rate and a host of other vital functions. These measurements are all displayed on a compact screen so the doctor can monitor your animal’s vital signs during surgery. The VSM 8 allows us to monitor your pet’s vital signs more efficiently because everything is positioned compactly on one monitor, eliminating the need for multiple monitors and measurement devices cluttering up the operating room.